I was first admitted to practice law in Georgia in 1992, then in Florida in 1993. My first job as an attorney was with a general practice firm in Valdosta Georgia. I worked there for about 1 year, and was introduced to Bankruptcy law representing creditors. I next moved to Albany Georgia, and worked in a small bankruptcy specialty firm. I filed about 25 consumer cases per month for the next 5 years with that firm. I also litigated cases for the Chapter 7 Trustee, Walter W. Kelley, who was the principal of the firm in Albany.

My wife and I decided to relocate to Tallahassee to provide the best atmosphere to raise our 3 children. My practice is now limited to the representation of debtors in liquidation and reorganization bankruptcy filings, and I am certified by The American Board of Certification in bankruptcy filing.

Bankruptcy is a difficult decision. Individuals and couples, often through no fault of their own, can find themselves unable to pay their debts. Once individuals become unable to service their debts, the issue becomes one of damage control: minimizing the impact of the debt problem on ones life and property. Constantly harassed by creditors, faced with repossession of a vehicle or foreclosure of a home, debtors can become despondent. Perhaps they refinance their homes or take out a second mortgage, or sell personal property like guns or jewelry, in a desperate attempt to service their debts. Bankruptcy can provide a sound alternative to the loss of credit status and property.

I handle every client and case personally. I am willing to tackle the tough issues to get debtors all of the relief available under the bankruptcy code. Bear in mind that the hiring of an attorney is an important decision, and should not be based on advertising alone. Hopefully you will never need my services. However, should the need arise, I will be happy to serve you to the best of my ability.

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